Thursday, August 16, 2007

Quick Christmas Knitting Patterns

There hasn't been much knitting the past few days because I'm busy getting my new computer set up. YAY! I finally got tired of the long slow process to boot up, the out of date programs, the - well you know - oldness of my Toshiba and broke down to buy the computer I've been lusting after for several months. I am now the proud owner of a new HP Pavilion 17" laptop. Oh my! I can see things on it without my reading glasses. COOL! But, with new computers means having to transfer files and programs. I forgot how long that takes. Good thing I'm on vacation this week, cause I need the time. This things actually has a little tiny cute remote control for watching DVDs thats about the size of a credit card, cute!

In the meantime, the lack of knitting on my part means I'll give you a few quick Christmas presents you can knit. These are patterns from the "Yarn Sheddings". It was the 1 page monthly newsletter Vivian Skoog used to put out at her shop, The Yarn Shed, in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. This is where I used to hang out on Friday nights and Saturdays for several years while I finished college and started my new career as a dietitian. Vivian was a family friend and I helped at the shop for a whopping $3.50/hr. definitely for love and not money. My time spent there was an apprenticeship of sorts. I learned how to knit many techniques through reading every pattern and book in the shop; I met Elizabeth Zimmerman (still have a note from her); and learned what it meant to be a good yarn shop owner. So, in honor of Vivian, here's a few quick patterns.

Slipper Sox

Bulky Yarn or double worsted wt. yarn
#10 needles
CO 60 sts.
Work garter st for 16 rows.
Then: Row 1: K 27, K 2 tog, place marker, K 2, place marker, K 2 tog, K 27. Row 2: Purl 26, P 2 tog, move marker, P 2, move marker, P 2 tog, P 26. Continue in this manner decreasing 2 sts each row until 30 sts remain. Then K1, P1 rib for 4 rows. BO loosely. Sew up back and bottom seams.

Dish Cloth

1 ball Sugar & Cream (makes 2) or other equal cotton yarn
Any size needle from 6-9

Cast on 40 sts. K 6 rows seed st.
*Work 5 sts seed st, 30 sts garter st, 5 sts seed st. Repeat from * each row until almost square.
End with 6 rows seed st. BO loosely.

Broiche Stitch Hat

Bulky Weight yarn (about 1 skein)
Needles - 11-15, depending on bulk of yarn
CO 36 sts.
Work row 1 only once. The pattern is formed by repeating row 2.
Row 1: *k1, bring yarn forward to front of work. Slip next st as if to purl. Bring yarn back over right needle (YO). This forms a sloppy diagonal loop. Repeat from *, ending yarn forward, slip 1 st as if to purl.
Row 2: K 1, *yarn forward to front of work, sl next st as if to purl, bring yarn back over right needle as in row 1, K 2 tog. Repeat from *, ending with yarn forward, sl 1 as if to purl.

Work Row 2 until piece is 7-11" (desired length).
Decrease: K 1, P 2 tog across row.
Next 3 rows: continue in K 1, P 1 rib.
Next row: Sl 1 st, K 1, pass slip st over K st (SSK) across row.
Next row: P across
Next row: K across
Next row: P across
Next row: K 2 tog across row
End off and pull remaining sts tog.
Sew side seam.
NOTE: This pattern does not lend itself to a circular needle.

Well - I've made these patterns several times in the past and know they turn out well. They're quick and easy for presents. Next time I'll try to have some actual knitting to show.


Miss T said...

I remember Vivian very well, and I miss the Yarn Shed!

Sandy said...

Is there a way to contact you directly? I found this page by doing a search for Vivian Skoog. I believe her husband was a cousin of my grandmother.