Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Throwing it out into the Universe

I thought of something crazy this afternoon and have been debating posting it. If you throw something out into the universe, the universe may throw it right back at you. So here goes.....

Stitches in Chicago this weekend -

Anyone want to take a quick and totally unplanned trip from Mpls. to Chicago this weekend to go to Stitches? I'm thinking about going early Saturday morning and coming back Sunday night. If you've read my blogs at all you know I drive to the southern parts of Iowa a lot for work. Chicago mileage isn't much further and - well - I need to do something totally crazy just for me. If anyone is interested - email me (jillsknitATaolDOTcom) and we'll make quick plans. If no one answers - fine - like I said- I'm just throwing it out there to see what happens.
Christmas Knitting

I decided to start Christmas knitting because I always get caught with my needles full. So this is the year of the mohair scarf, at least for a few friends. This is the start of a diagonal scarf using KnitPicks Suri Dreams - color Wildflowers.
They say to use size 11 needles but I had 13 sitting around so that's what I used. The diagonal scarf uses a lot of short rows and increases to obtain "the look" but after to knit a full "section" it is 20 stitches wide. Once I'm done I'm going to add some bead fringe, maybe. We'll see what it looks like.


The Boys decided to play hide-n-seek tonight.

Chief hid behind the computer. He was easy to find. Note- I was taking pictures of the scarf so that's why he got snapped.
Bert was a bit more clever. Problem with Bert is, all you have to do is call his name and he comes in a flash. No patience to stay hiding!

My computer is being goofy and not letting me fix the fonts and spacing - oh well.....

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