Sunday, September 16, 2007

10 months is a long time

I was reminded of something today that made my heart sad. Those of you that have the Pattern book "Itty Bitty Hats" go get your book and find the picture of the cute little boy and girl on the slide wearing hats with little boys and girls on them. Aren't they cute! They are the niece and nephew of my friend I talk about occasionally. My "no longer with us" best friend from childhood. These we cuties have not seen their uncle Paul for a very long time because he's missing.

Last November, 4 contractors in Iraq were kidnapped. One of them was Paul Reuben, a former cop from the Minneapolis area. For a month we heard news reported about it and then nothing. The families were told be be quiet and wait. They did. They waited and waited and waited. They heard nothing. Every once in a while they will get throw a bone - "we're still working on it". Nothing more. It's been 10 months of mostly nothing. It's been 10 months of 4 families waiting on a government that will only say - "we're still working on it".

Those 2 cute kids don't understand where Uncle Paul is. How can they? The adults don't really understand where he is.

Take a moment to say a prayer for the families and friends of these kidnapped men. Pray they are still alive and being treated well. Prayer that the government is really working to get them released.

If you feel the need to do something more - write your senator and any other government official you can think of. Thanks

Tomorrow I'll get back to knitting content.

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Guinifer said...

OMG - how much sadness should one family have? And then, I read your whole post and my head nearly blew up. I am so very anti-war and anti GWB (and I live in a very opposite kind of neighborhood), sorry if you feel differently, but that kind of story makes me want to, I can't even say what. Nothing at all? That is so crazy. and wrong. There should be something more to be done, but, is it because he was a civilian? (not US armed forces?)