Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Story with a Happy Ending

Tonight – a story. It has a great ending.

Once upon a time (a LONG time ago) I dated. The boys I picked to fall in love with never seemed to know how to buy flowers. None of them ever bought me flowers. Zero – zilch – nada. I was sad. I was convinced I was unworthy. Hey, I was young and romantic. Weren’t we all at one point.

Time passed. I grew up. I quit believing I flowers, except the ones in the garden. A bit over 15 years ago I started my shop. Sold sewing machines – knitting machines and all the goodies to go with them. On the first day I got flowers! My friends got together and sent me a beautiful bouquet with a lucky penny attached to it. I love my friends! But that bouquet was a lonely one. For the next 15+ years I never got another bouquet. (I can’t blame it on the guys I date ‘cause I haven’t been on a date since about 1852! Anyway –

Today the doorbell rang. Well, I can’t call it a doorbell. My Dad decided about 10 years ago he couldn’t hear the door bell downstairs so he attached the bell to the duct work down there. The house doesn’t ring it BUZZES. A VERY LOUD BUZZ. It’s awful. When I bought the house and moved in I tried to hunt down the buzz. Dad’s memory is gone so he doesn’t remember anything about this. Someday, I’ll get the house sounding pretty when people come over, someday. But –back to today.

The door BUZZED and I went to answer it. It was FLOWERS! A beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. Just for me. How exciting! And who sent me these pretty happy flowers? Why – my Secret Pal! Someone I don’t know, someone who doesn’t know me except by my posts, read about my crummy work week and decided to make my day. You did. Thank you is such a small thing to say but I mean it more than you know. The best I can do is be sure to pamper my secret pal person and pass on the kindness.

Knitters are such great people. We should rule the world!


Guinifer said...

That is a lovely story, and those are lovely flowers.

PS - I am trying to teach my boys to send flowers.

Deb said...


Debra said...

Lovely flowers!

From what I've noticed, if people know you like flowers they're more likely to send them/bring them as a gift. (For example, I can't show up at my aunt's home without a bouquet!) Farmer's market flowers for $5 can't be beat.

Romi said...

How wonderful. What a great gift! :)