Saturday, September 8, 2007

Read a good book lately?

It's been a red-puffy eye day. Three weeks ago I took a couple books out of the library figuring if I didn't finish both in 3 weeks I'd renew. Ha Ha - fooled me. The book I hadn't started was due today and when I went on line Friday to renew - there's a waiting list and I couldn't renew it. Of course, the book I had been reading has no list and it could be renewed. Normally I'd say "Big Deal, I'll take it out another time." But this book has a long waiting list, which it didn't have 3 weeks ago and I don't want to wait forever to read it. So, I spent last night and today reading, a lot.

What book would get me to do this marathon reading? The Friday Night Knitting Club. The regular book had many people on the waiting list but I thought I was clever I reserved the large print because no one was on it's waiting list. The book is a typical gal's book in that you will end up with red puffy eyes while reading it. The basic story is about a lady, Georgia Walker,(white) who lives with a black guy for a while, gets pregnant and he leaves. She creates a life for herself and her little girl by starting a custom knitting business and eventually a yarn shop. She has a mentor/friend who helps out. Most of the story takes place when Dakota, the daughter is 12/13 years old. The Dad reappears wanting to get to know Dakota, many customers have life events happen, Georgia herself has life events happen. They all support each other through the Friday Night Knitting Club. The book is a comfortable read. Not a Pulitzer prize winner but that's not what I was looking for. It's good character based life story type reading.

So, other than read till I couldn't see any more I have done a bit of knitting the past few days. My cotton vest is to the armbands and front bands stage. There will be a picture soon.

My "I don't feel like thinking about what I'm knitting" shawl is a bit longer. I like to have a project going that is a no brainer. Something easy, big enough needles so it changes the muscles you use a bit. My hands get tired if I knit small gauge items too long. Something size 8-11 needle without complicated patterning is a nice change. This shawl hasn't made an appearance on the blog yet. It's some yarn my SIL gave me for my birthday about 15+ years ago. She got 10 skeins in Europe for me. It's turquoise Pingouin "Poudreuse" 80% acrylic,10% wool, 10% mohair.

So far Chief and Bert are being their typical selves - eat,sleep,sleep,eat. Tough life.

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Hey! I bet the guys are liking this cooler weather!!