Saturday, September 15, 2007

Secret Pal and Stash Secrets

Quick knitting update. I finished the cotton mitered vest today. It's sitting quite soggy on the blocking mats. When it's dry tomorrow I'll get some pictures for you. I'll also post detailed at that time.

Secret Pal
Now let's talk Secret Pal 11. I've been hanging out at the Secret Pal Participant list and looking at many of the blogs. I was always one of the kids at the end of the line - the back row of the picture - the one without a date because I was taller than the other kids and normal sized (i.e. not a little skinny wimpy girl). I got a complex. So I tend to start looking at things from the back side. I take pity on the back of the line people. I started looking at the blog list with the "Z". I can say with much certainty I know some things about my Secret Pal.

You will be amazed at my deductive reasoning. Sherlock Holmes has nothing on me. My Secret Pal is from the United States. There - aren't you impressed. Beyond that- no clue.

What I can tell you is the flowers I got from my Secret Pal Labor Day weekend are still looking beautiful. One of the flowers wasn't a long term as the other and about half of it are gone but the others - just as fresh as they were almost 2 weeks ago. Amazing!


I have a few things to say about the comments I got about the stash, GIVE ME A BREAK! ;-) Deb do you really think because the boxes are in different parts of the house I don't know what's in each and every one. Ask me where the Sugar and Cream in light brown from 1986 is and I can tell you. This version of organized is what happens when you live along with 2 cats and a massive craft obsession.

Confession time - the real reason things are all over the house is because the basement isn't safe for yarn at the moment. It "leaks" when it rains outside. Until I find the cause I don't want to put anything of a fiber nature down there. I will not have my precious stash subject to potential mildew! Once is fixed I will have a well lit studio with great storage potential. The stash (both yarn and fabric); the knitting machines; the 4 heddle loom; the sewing machine; serger; cutting table, etc. will all have a new home. Until then, stash south lives in every room on the main level.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that the flowers are still looking good! I will be mailing out your September package either Monday or Tuesday morning so keep an eye out for it around the end of next week. And yes, I live in the US. Have a great day. -Your secret pal

Guinifer said...

Oh heck, I totally want to come and play at your house.

And thank you for the very thoughtful book! I keep it next to my desk for emergencies! Bert & Chief - kisses and belly scritches for you both.