Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Blob attacks

What do you get if Chief decides to grab your yarn right when you grab your camera?

You get a big kitty blob that looks like a fuzzy hamster.
Let's try that again - Chief was such a Momma's helper last night. He sacrificed his free time to lay in my lap and prevent the Tufutsie from escape. What a guy!

The Tufutsie in question is a sock. We got the yarn last month at Amazing Threads sock of the month group but I decided I wasn't keen on the pattern. It has 4 small cables with a lot of plain spaces in between. I thought it would look even fatter on my foot than normal so I decided to play around and do a toe up (my favorite). The picture is terrible for color. This colorway is coral and lime green in the light striping and purple and med sky blue in the dark striping. (told you the picture was way off - I just couldn't get it any better) The pattern is one round of knit and one round of k2,p2. Every 10th and 14th round I did a mock cable- knit the 2 knits together and before taking them off the left needle knit the first stitch again. Hard to see in the picture - I'll go for a cleaner picture when the sock is done.

In the meantime - while Chief was on top of me saving the yarn from escaping - Bert was showing why I'm glad I have a TV on a base that keeps it several inches off the table. Man, HD TV shows up great in pictures!

It's pretty common to have both cats sleeping up here. The DVD, etc. is just under the TV and it keeps the area nice and warm which makes it a fave spot for the boys.

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Rani said...

Thanks for you comments on my blog!

I absolutely LOVE those autumn colors in the sock. Perfect for this kind of weather!