Monday, September 3, 2007

Special Labor Day Edition

Well, as promised there are some pictures today. Let’s start with the knitting.

The Knitting
Back many months ago I knit a shawl.

It got put into the “Block it someday” box and was forgotten. I finally got it out and decided it was time to block. A while ago I got some foam blocks really cheap but decided they weren’t the best for blocking because the little numbers in the middle of the blocks pops out at the wrong time. But, I used them anyway and they worked fine. The shawl is made out of Plymouth Encore – 80/20 acrylic/wool. I bought a skein to check it out because giving some to a friend to teach her how to knit. It’s soft and easy to knit with. I like it for the people who don’t think they can wear wool. So, I ended up buying more to make a shawl for a Christmas present/ I don’t know who will get it yet but I think it will be a nice watching TV type shawl. According to my notes it was started in 5-19-07 and finished 6-7-07. DO I have to change the finished date to today ‘cause I finally blocked it?!? The pattern is from Elann’s website – Victorian Lace Shawl.

The next is the socks from Amazing Threads. The pattern was written by Thora Lee Johnson of the shop. It is a mock cable but the heel and toe are a bit different from the usual. The heel flap is the Eye of Partridge stitch and the heel is a Dutch heel. Finally the toe is a round decreased toe. The yarn is Rio de la Plata and I like it very much. At least to knit with. We’ll see how I like wearing it once the weather allows for warmer socks!

The Dutch heel is a square heel. You knit to the middle 1/3 stitches and keep knitting these back and forth while picking up the other stitches one at a time to work them into the heel. I haven't made one of these to wear before so I don't don't how I'll like it on my foot.

The heel flap - Eye of Partridge stitch is similar to the knit 1-slip 1 heel except it's made like a seed stitch pattern verse a rib pattern. It it firm and does not have the stretch a regular heel have. I'm thinking it will be a longer lasting heel. we'll see.....

The State Fair
I got my pictures of the State Fair Crop Art out of the camera. People take all sorts of seeds and glue them to a board to create pictures. Some are pretty basic, some are totally amazing. Here’s a couple examples.
Somebody doesn’t like the Vice President!

Here’s that KFC Guy!

And a close up of the picture so you can see the seeds better.

The Bathroom

Well, enough said on this topic. In other words I didn’t do much of anything on it this weekend. I got busy with going through Dad’s old paperwork down stairs and never quite made it to the bathroom. I did get a coat of primer and all the filled in. Next is to sand down the extra nail hole “gunk” and get a coat of the real paint on the walls. In the meantime I just heard from Dad’s sister. She and my Uncle may be coming up here middle September and I’ll end up housing them. Guess the bathroom moved to the top of the “Get done now” list!

Chatty Cathy
I don’t believe it! I just saw a Geico commercial with Chatty Cathy. I still have mine and she still talked just fine! If you keep something long enough I guess it becomes popular again.

The Boys
Just try to get good pictures of the cats – I dare you!

Bert, smile pretty! – me (don’t tell Bert but his droopy Belle’s Palsy eye is showing)
Catch me if you can – Bert
What’s this? A new toy to play with? –Bert

Hey! Somebody say a new toy? – Chief

Bert, what’s going on? This isn’t a toy. It’s Mom’s new blocking squares. – Chief

Well, I like them. I’m going to sleep here for a while - Bert

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Debra said...

Nice Crop Art photos! I'd never seen the entries before, and I was truly taken with them.