Monday, September 24, 2007

How do they do that?

Sock knit group tonight had a vital question - how do they do that? I was finishing up my Tufutsie sock and we got to talking about the new natural fibers. The typical silly questions - if someone is allergic to shellfish would they be allergic to Tufutsie because it has 2.5% shells. That got us to -how do they get the 2.5% in the yarn. Is it a powder that is put in liquid and the yarn is soaked in it? Do they make a fiber out of it somehow? That of course led to the discussion about soy - how do you make soy fiber? Bamboo we could figure out but soy? Do they make a tufu type mush and then create fibers from that? Or are the leaves long enough to create a fiber?
Anyone have any answers?

Tonight's new yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy. They has a color dyed special for Amazing Threads - Cobalt Diablo. Very subtle purply blue blend. The pattern is one of Dream in Colors patterns - look a bit like leaves. When I start knitting I'll get some pictures up.

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Rani said...

Me again. My hubby does not like cats, but there are two strays that a friend needs to find homes for and I may just 'accidently' find them a home right here.

Tofutsie - no idea how they do it and quite frankly, it makes my head hurt. I'm glad I'm not allergic to wool!