Saturday, September 22, 2007

There Be Presents!

How can you tell when your cotton blocking is finally dry?

On the more exciting side of life - I got a package from my Secret Pal. Or should I say - WE got a package. Yep. I got help opening it and exploring what was inside.

There was a lovely card (good grief - who says "lovely" now-a-days!) I think I have my Secret Pal fooled! She/he (handwriting look like - she) thinks I'm a brave person and admires how I'm taking care of my folks. Fooled you! I spent this week totally ignoring my parents. Mom called Wed all upset because she had gone off somewhere with some people from church (couldn't rememeber who it was) and got back somewhat late (5pm). She thought I would be mad because she had been out. Why would I be upset. She doesn't live here, she doesn't have any responsibility except to herself. What in her life got her so screwed up that she doesn't think she can go out and have a little fun without feeling guilty!?! Poor lady. But- I talked to her for a few minutes and that was it for this week. I needed to concentrate on work and I knew the people where Dad lives would take good care of him and if anything really happened with Mom someone from her place would call. So - bad daughter - but I'm okay with that. We'll all go out for lunch tomorrow and they won't remember I didn't see them this week. Bad memory can really work for you sometimes!

But - back to my package. Let's see what I got.

Chief - out of the way! No. The packing paper isn't the present - there's more!
Okay Chief - you can have the little toy.

Yup, the boys got a present. I can't imagine how my Secret Pal knew I have cats. I try to keep it quiet and just never talk about them :-)

With the boys busy with the new fishy, I checked out MY loot.

I got some lip balm she says is her mission to introduce to everyone. It's lightly minty-menthol. It's not a heavy strong smell and I think I'll like it.

Then some hand lotion her friend swears by. I like lavender and that's what's in it. Good choice.

Also a notebook. I just filled my current one- good timing. I like to keep one in my purse to write down books people suggest and other things my growing old brain doesn't want to remember anymore.

Finally. Yarn. OOOH! She sent me hand-dyed yarn from Loopy Ewe. It's All Things Heather Raspberry color. Very subtle color changes and very pretty. Another good choice.

My Secret Pal has now taken care of my spirit (the flower a few weeks ago- and 1/2 of them are still looking fine); my body (lip balm and hand lotion); and my artistic self (the gorgeous yarn). THANKS!
Meanwhile - back in the living room Bert is still busy with the new fishy. Just after the picture the fishy ended up in the kitty tunnel like many of their toys.

P.S. I just remembered. Best Buy had memory stick on sale this week. They were giving a donation to the Alzheimer Assoc. for each stick sold. How sad is it that I forgot something for a memory organization!


Guinifer said...

Lord knows, can't we all use a memory stick? I know I can.

If you haven't used it before - you will love the All Things Heather yarn, it knits up beautifully. She just moved cross-country too (she's a military wife), so she won't be dying for a while.

Romi said...

Hee. Cute kitties! :)