Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Writing - good and bad

Pictures - I got nothin'

I have spent the past 2 weeks going to different sites our company has people at and writing down all the stuff they do at the site - good and bad - and giving them scores to be certified or not. Does the staff answer the phone in 3 rings? Are they friendly? Is the Site Procedure Guide complete, to to date? Does the mail cart work properly? It's been rather boring and I got to the point where I was confusing one site for another. But 2 more days of this and I should be done. We have to have all the sites certified by the end of the month. When that's done - I hope to have time to get out to several of them and help rewrite procedure guides that are wussy.

I tend to write procedures that someone who never saw the site could use to complete necessary tasks. That's the way I used to write my machine knitting patterns. I'd turn on the tape recorder and say everything I did. Then, I'd take that recording and turn it into a pattern. It's amazing how many things we do automatically without even realizing it. In a pattern you make write M1 stitch but - what type of make one did you use? The different types will affect the look of the finished product and some times the wrong way will make the garment turn out wrong.

Total change of topic. There's a story on the news tonight about an 8 month old boy in our area. It's a story of child abuse. He had to have part of his skull removed because of baby sitter abuse and a swollen brain. The pictures of him now - he is missing half his skull so half his head is caved in. It's a frightening story, it's frightening pictures.

Bert's been coming in here asking for attention. He knows how to say "mama" in a very whiny voice and it's pretty bizarre. Some day I may manage to have recorder close by so I can get it on tape. Of course, no one else have ever heard this because he is my mythical kitty that no one has ever seen in person. Many of my friends doubt he really exists. Any noise in the driveway will make him disappear faster than chocolate at a knit-in!