Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's a Disease

Hi, my name is Jill. I have a problem. I can’t just try a hobby. I become the hobby. I become obsessed with the hobby and have to have all things concerning it.

It all started innocently enough. When I was a kid my Dad taught me how to fish. As a present he bought me a fishing pole and gear to go with it. I didn’t share his – I had my own. A bit later we started rock hunting and that led to getting a tumbler and the equipment to make things out of the rocks – jewelry, pen holders, etc. Next, I discovered embroidery thanks to Mom. You guessed it, my own sewing box. Starting to get the picture? I was blessed and cursed with generous parents. They saw these interests and wanted to be good parents. They bought me anything I wanted for the latest hobby/interest. Archery equipment, bowling ball, skis, sewing equipment, and then computer games appeared – Pong, Commodore 64, etc. I did have to save my allowance and buy some of the stuff but that just taught me I could buy hobby stuff.

As I went out on my own I continued this habit. The problem is – it’s a big world with a lot of hobbies out there and I HAVE to try everyone of them. Right now I own wood working equipment, stained glass equipment and a lot of glass ready to use, every color of DMC thread from the early 90s (my cross stitch phase), enough quilting material to sew for years without buying any more, regular material stash that rivals the yarn stash, I've got a computerized sewing machine, serger, 4 heddle loom from my weaving phase, all the equipment that goes with weaving, 3 knitting machines and all their equipment, computerized knitting and quilting programs, cutting table, paint and other gear from my ceramic days, then there’s the latest obsession (or more accurately returning obsession) knitting. I have lots of books, patterns, yarn for machine knitting and hand knitting, swifts, ball winders, UFOs, WIPs, finished ungifted items. You see, my problem is – I can’t just wade in the kiddy pool of the hobby. I have to paddle out to the deep end. I end up quitting my job and starting my own business- type obsessive behavior. I got on the internet a LONG time ago and have been Jillsknit since the early 90s. If it’s there – I must have it!

The knitting thing is getting bad. I have knitting pod casts on my iPod (oh- did I mention I have every electronic thing you can think of too – it’s sad….) anyway, the pod casts, the latest magazines, oops – gotta buy the new book, join a sock of the month group, cruise the internet to check out blogs and what new yarn is available. I need help…..

Guess what – this week I bought a drop spindle and CD on how to spin. I see a spinning wheel in my future. HELP!!!


Guinifer said...

Same here.
Absolutely why you won't see me anywhere near a spindle, much less a spinning wheel.

Lorraine said...

Soul sister! We must have been separated at birth!

My DH has put the brakes on some of my attempts to branch out into new hobbies but I'm fighting the same compulsion regarding spinning.

Jill said...

I do the very same!! My hubby says that I never get sick of a hobby until I've invested lots of money in it--once I have all the stuff that I "need" to do scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, etc, I no longer want to. (Maybe it's a "Jill" thing? ;)