Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Knitter's Biggest Enemy

I love to watch HGTV, Food Channel, TLC, you know, all the channels with DIY type TV shows. But - I have to draw the line at the shows that are the knitter's biggest enemy. The shows that proclaim we have something wrong with us. The shows that tell us having a stash is wrong. I'm talking about the shows that think we will somehow be happier if we don't have our stash.

I watch the destashing shows like "Clean Sweep" and sometimes it makes me cry. Yes, these people have way too much stuff and, yes, they end up getting a cool room redo but, the cleaning team doesn't seem to understand - family treasure or hobby stash. One episode this poor lady was in tears about giving up something that was from her grandmother. They talked her into giving it away because the memories aren't the thing they're in her. Oh give me a break! I have things that by holding them brings back memories. I carry a small rock in my billfold from the last trip Laurie and I took together. When I hold that rock the memories flood back. We were up on top of one of the Black Hills and I was trying to call Mom on the cell phone to see if Chief and Jamie (pre Bert) were behaving. Jamie was old and not in the best health. That rock brings back the whole trip - it won't be thrown away even if it is "trash".

Chief, I'm old. Leave me alone! - Jamie

But I love you old kitty. - Chief

The same thing is true when I go through my stash. As I pick up the different hanks and skeins, I remember where I bought it, funny stories about how I debated buying "that" skein but was talked into it by someone, you get the idea. I dare the destashers to come into my house and try to convince me to I'll be happier if the stash goes away. No way, Jose!

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limedragon :-: Harriet said...

I agree with you about the stash/sentimental/heirloom stuff. Eek!