Saturday, December 29, 2007

Life is Calling

This week flew by. Between cleaning up after Christmas, shoveling snow way too often, and catching up at work I had little time to do anything else. However, it's a new weekend and I have 4 days to recover from the holidays.

Christmas, as I said before, was at my house. I tend to do things a bit more laid back than some people in our family. I make meals that make themselves. We had spiral cut ham, wild rice, the hash brown potatoes that have cheese and sour cream and stuff added to them - you know - food that you don't have to fuss with.
We have the extended family get together which means aunts, uncles and cousins from Mom's side. (Dad's side lives far away) Part of the family comes for the whole day - part for the evening and part varies how long they stay (all day or evening only) based on an algebraic equation I don't understand. I think it has something to do with the phases of the moon divided by the square root of Christmas presents but I'm not sure. Whatever the secret number is - it came out that this year we would be enjoying their company for the whole day. My cousin J is a few months younger than me and more a twin brother than cousin. He's part of the sometimes yes-sometimes no group so I was very happy to have him here. He pitched right in and helped me do dishes, at the end of the night he ran out to shovel the driveway before people left, and throughout the day J and others helped entertain my parents while I got things ready. Dad didn't seem to recognize the house (their old house) but Mom went around creating a revisionist version of things. My picture I got when Dad's Mom died was suddenly one of Mom's old pictures, the needlepoint family crest I made in college was made by Mom - you get the idea. She had a hard time keeping up with reality and kind of moved in and out of thinking the house was still hers even though I was careful to remove anything that used to be hers from view. I just feel so bad for her that the world doesn't make sense anymore while Dad just kind of goes with the flow (can't remember, oh well....) But outside of that it was a wonderful day to enjoy the company of family.

My cousin that currently lives in Arizona during the winter months is also a knitter. She surprised me with a gift of KnitPicks Essential yarn - 2 skeins just enough for a pair of socks. We talked about the new fibers available so of course I had to go grab a few skeins and projects from soy - bamboo - corn and some other fibers for the non-knitters to feel. My one Uncle used to work for a company that made soy oil so the Tofutsies were very interesting to him. Maybe I'll have to hunt up a "calm" colorway in Tofutsie and make him a pair of soy socks.

Brazil is Calling

I have a friend I met when we were both youth delegates to the UN in high school. I was one of the Minnesota kids and she was from Canada. We hit it off and became close friends over the one month trip. We wrote back and forth, visited each other homes and tried to stay in touch with each other. She became a missionary and moved to Indonesia, eventually Brazil, while I stayed in Minnesota. She's home in Canada for a few months leave and called last night to chat. Unfortunately we can't work out our schedules to get together but talking is almost as good. We talked over 1 1/2 hours just as if we had been together the whole time. It's great when you meet someone who is just your type of person. Even if you don't see each other more than every 10 years or so - you're still friends. I've told her about the blog so maybe she'll comment occasionally and the rest of you will get to meet her that way. Joyce is the best. She has been down in Brazil for almost 15 years working with the city kids in the Brasilia area teaching them skills to help create a better life but more importantly teaching them about Jesus and how to create a really better life - now and forever. The world needs more people like Joyce!

Knitting is Calling

I'm starting to ramble with minimal knitting talk going on. So -what have I been knitting? Nothing. I said it was a busy week. I came home after work and fell asleep almost every night this week. I haven't developed the knitting in your sleep skill set yet but I should work on that.
I did give away some knitting Christmas day. My (extended) family doesn't trade gifts anymore but I sent home several people with dish rags.
I have a couple projects I need to finish up this weekend for gifting, the 3-1 fire socks are still in progress (very slowly!), the green soft shoulder sweater has the front completed, but that's about it.

The Dentist is Calling

I was so good Christmas and only had 1 cookie. Did you read that - ONE! So I treated myself to a cherry bar a couple days ago and after talking a bite I realized the back of my mouth felt different- half my tooth was gone. No pain, just a big hole where tooth should be. So - this morning was a trip to the dentist who I haven't seen for so long they put me on the inactive list. Over the next few weeks I'll get a crown for that tooth and set up an appointment for cleaning. This has become my New Year resolution (which I usually don't make) I decided to make this year about me, at least health wise. I will get myself back on track with doctors and dentists and other people I should be seeing regularly to keep myself healthy. I spent the past 1 1/2 years going to many doctors but always for Mom & Dad. I need to be a bit more selfish - at least when it comes to finding time to go to the doctor.

The Koala is Calling

I'd love to show you the little koala my Bro and SIL gave me for Christmas but it was in my possession for about 2 minutes. Bert saw it and knocked it to the floor where upon Chief came over to investigate and when I looked a minute later - it was gone! I have looked in every kitty hiding place I can think of - the kitty cottage, the jungle gym, the tunnel, under the sofa, in their toy box, the koala is nowhere to be seen! If anyone sees him, tell him to come home and I'll find a safe place for him to live.

If I don't post again for Tuesday - Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve!

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