Sunday, December 16, 2007

Party Time

Last night was my "gang's" annual Christmas party. We were trying to figure out how many years and it was either the 29th or 30th party. Hey - we're getting old, we can't remember these things anymore! We also can't remember to take pictures. There were several cameras but not one of us took a shot. How sad is that! 20+ people and not one picture.

I do have pictures of prep. Chief and Bert were very helpful in getting the house ready. I got the tablecloth on the dining room table and went into the kitchen to get a few things. Bert decided to help me see how a centerpiece would look on the new tablecloth. Luckily its a "plastic cloth" so I could wipe it down before the party and no cat hair ended up in the food!

So what to do you think of my Sphinx impersonation? - Bert

Then - I was taking the cover off the sofa and the cushions were sitting around the room. Went to the bathroom and came to see Chief decided he needed to test the sofa without the cushions.

It's always interesting trying to clean the house or do a new project with the boys around. They are so interested in everything and want to check it all out.

Once people came Bert did his usual disappearing act and Chief played host - greeting people at the door and allowing them to admire his beautiful coat. He actually shocked a couple of my friends. When they came in, I told them coats were going in the first bedroom and asked Chief to show them where to go. He turned around and started walked off toward the bedroom, stopped at the hallway and turned to look at them. (Come on, follow me..) They just stood there and stared. What a cat!

Yesterday was also the 3rd anniversary of my best friends death. She and her ex were the original hosts of the party. We all were aware of the date and mentioned it briefly but we've managed to survive the past few years and can now talked about Laurie in fun and not automatic tears. Her family always comes to the Christmas party now so it was great seeing "Dad" and the siblings. Of course the boys (godson and brother) always show up to our parties.

Some of the people at the party are going to be part of the knitting group I'm starting in January. I showed them the hat we're going to start with so they're getting excited. We ended up talking about the "new" fibers and I ended up grabbing samples of Tofutsie, Bamboo and corn yarns. Many of the gang had to fondle the yarns and people I didn't think would be interested were totally fascinated. Even Pilot and Lawyer had to check it out.
Well - today will be a quiet day. Finish cleaning up and doing some knitting on the Maizy socks. Maybe some Christmas baking. I'll think about Christmas Day prep later - (that will be 16 people).


Guinifer said...

It sounds like a lovely evening. I think Bert was trying to press the folds out of your tablecloth - a Most Helpful Cat...

NerdGirl said...

I have the same curious cat problem with Bart. I can't make a bed without him trying to get under the sheet! It sounds like you had a lot of fun with your friends and I am glad you are at the point where you can revel in the fun memories of your friend without being overcome by the sorrow of her passing.