Monday, December 3, 2007

Secrets Revealed

When I got home from work today I had a package waiting for me. I needed to check emails from work one last time so I set the package aside for a few minutes but Bert had other ideas. He wanted in - NOW!

What could possibly get him so excited about a package? Well, it was my reveal package from my Secret Pal. I'll give you a sneak peak at what got Bert so excited. -

Kitty treats and toys filled with catnip. There's a couple of the catnip puffs missing from that bag because I had to open them up in self defense so he'd leave me alone long enough to open the rest of the package.

This lady is one serious pal! Remember the flowers I got the week I said work was going crummy? Remember all the good stuff I got in my first package? The flowers for my birthday? The other good stuff in other packages? I have been gifted beyond belief! My goddess of the gifts is Jennifer from Urbana. This time around I didn't expect much because I've received so much already she must have totally blown the Christmas budget for the next 3 years on me! But surprise! I opened a box filled with yarn goodies - chocolate goodies - kitty goodies - and other goodies. WOW!

Just to give you a feel for how much I got - Chief is a huge 18 lb cat and he looks dwarfed next to the stash I received. Want a closer look at the goodies? Me too!

Well - you already saw the kitty goodies how about checking out the yarn.

PRETTY! Blue - It's deeper than the picture shows-midnight blue. Malabrigo merino wool. The label says kettle dyed 4-5 sts /in. 2 skeins. What should I make?????
But that's not the only yarn. Jennifer, this is crazy! You are way too generous!! I also got this -

4 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca. These guys are from my back yard (about 20 miles away) but I've never been there. After fondling these skeins I think I'll have to make a trip up there. The alpaca is so "pet the kitty" soft. They feel like Bert. (side note: British Shorthairs have very short, very dense fur and feel like shaved beaver. I tend to rate things by the Bert scale - how soft and pettable they are compared to him. It's sick but, hey that's just me...)
Next - the food of choice - chocolate.

Not just any Chocolate. My beloved Lindor truffles in dark chocolate. I love to pop one of these in my mouth and just let it sit until the outer coat melts away and the inside oozes liquid chocolate all over my mouth. Besides, chocolate is good for you, the health reports say so!
Last but certainly not least -
Addi Turbo Lace size 3 which I don't have yet and a cute little Christmas angel. Did I mention I collect angels? How did she know?
This weekend I started unpacking Christmas boxes and some of the angels are hanging out together waiting to find their holiday position in the house.

Here's 6 of the angels patiently waiting. I haven't decorated this house for Christmas before so I don't have the placement of things figured out yet.

Here's 9 more angels. I haven't unpacked the tree angels yet and have several others hanging out on different tables and shelves. I need to get busy and find homes for these ladies!

Meanwhile, back to the Secret Pal package. This was my first time doing the secret pal and I wasn't too sure about doing this. Jennifer has been a pal I'm not worthy of. She read my blog, figured me out (yarn, cats, chocolate) and spoiled me beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for everything. I've got your address from the box and will be sending you some REAL tea to show you why it's worth the extra effort!
Just to prove we like all the presents - Bert is STILL playing with the catnip puffs.

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limedragon :-: Harriet said...

What a wonderful collection of goodies! You got a great pal! : )