Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Worldwide Wednesday - Shetland Knitting

It’s Worldwide Wednesday again. We’re going to "stay" in the UK one more week. This week we’re going to visit the Shetland Museum. This museum is on Shetland Island where not too many of us will be lucky enough to go to. Luckily, they have a wonderful web site with lots of knitterly goodness to consume. The link I’m starting you at is the Shetland Lace page. On the upper right of the page is a button for “Textiles" Menu. This brings you to a drop down list for other pages – Fair Isle Knitting, Shetland Wool, Shetland Sheep, and Spinning and Weaving.

Shetland Lace Knitting, according to the web site, developed around 1840. The Victorian era created a fashion interest in delicate lace undergarments and shawls. The standard is a shawl is so light it can be pulled through a wedding ring. This page had many black & white photos of beautiful Shetland Lace.

The Fair Isle page has many examples of Fair Isle knitting. There are rules to knitting Fair Isle that many people follow. Two colors per row – no more than 5 stitches between color changes – designs are bands of patterns – many designs are set up in a X-O-X type pattern. Lots of color pictures of Fair Isle sweater, vests, and more.

This web site should give you many new ideas for your knitting.

Last week I said I’d talk about the Shetland Museum and WWII knitting. Next stop we'll hop over to the US – The National WWII Museum. This site has a section about the history of Knitting during WWI they also have a Knit Your Bit Campaign. They are asking knitters and crocheters to make Victory scarves that will be donated to veterans around the United States.

While we’re talking about WWII knitting here's a few other sites to go check out:

Hope you like the places we visited this week. Next week we'll find some other museums with knitting to go visit.


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A veritable font of knitting information are you!

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