Sunday, December 2, 2007

Looks like the snow is here to stay

The last couple years spoiled me. When the snow came yesterday all I could think of was "it's too early!" But there have been times when we had snow for Thanksgiving so this really isn't THAT early. We just lucked out with getting the first big snow so late in 2006 & 2005. Oh well, that just means after shoveling there's nothing to do but sit around, watch TV and knit.

Friday in honor of Elizabeth Zimmerman I cast on a pair of Woodsman Socks. I used to make a pair every Christmas for Dad. Nice warm wool socks to keep his cold feet warm. Problem this year is where he now lives. Everything ends up in the washing machine at "The Home" so I couldn't do the usual wool socks. I'm trying Woolease to see how it works. Hopefully it has enough wool in it to keep the feet warm but will survive the washing machine.

I also got a pair of slipper socks made this week (no pictures yet). I used the basic toe-up sock method but used bulky yarn and ended with a shorter leg in a different color to create a cuff. I don't have many people I give presents to any more since my family (cousins, aunts, etc) quit giving presents a while back, but - I decided this year to make things that can be given as presents and just have fun giving to people to who don't expect it.

The rest of life this week was busy as usual but also included getting Mom to the doctor for a follow up visit on her foot. Her foot no longer looks like an apple on the side of her toes so the medicine is doing it's thing. We also did some checking up on other things while we were there. Unfortunately the checking up means I have to make 3 more doctor visits - podiatrist, dermatologist, eye doctor. Good thing I don't have a life of my own! :-)

I finally got the medicine cabinet up in the bathroom today. It's only taken a year. It's amazing how many little things don't get done when you live alone. You need to have that extra set of hands for just a couple minutes to hold something or help lift something but getting that person at the right time isn't always easy. My cousin was nice enough to stop by for 1/2 hour today to help hold the cabinet so I could get it up before I have people over this Christmas season. I'll be hosting our group's party in a couple weekends and my family's gathering on Christmas day. Between the two I'll end of with 40-60 people coming through here. The house definitely needed the bathroom looking complete!

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