Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Am I packing too much?

Wed-Thur & Fri is my business trip to Iowa (again). That means 2 nights of hotel room living. So here I am tonight packing my evening survival supplies. I bought Harry Potter at WalMart this weekend and only read chapter 1 so far. I've managed to avoid people who have read it so I don't know what happens. So the book goes with.

I have the foot left it knit on my second OnLine socks from last month's Sock of the month so it will go with. Then last night was our July Sock of the Month so that will go with. I also have the last half of clue 4 for the Mystery Shawl to work on. It's small - it can come too. But what if I decided my fingers don't want to work on a small yarn project. Better bring the cotton vest I'm working on. What does this mean?
For 2 nights I will be bringing:

1. a 700 page book
2. 1/3 of a sock to complete
3. yarn of another pair of socks
4. the mystery shawl with 100 rows to work on
5. a mitered cotton vest with the sides and bands to complete
6. my computer for checking blogs, etc.
7. Andy Lumper who will want to see the town.

Am I crazy or am I packing too much?

(Of course, I'll manage to haul all the stuff for work but - who cares about that!)


Guinifer said...

Never too much!!!
And it gives such a comforting feeling to know it's all there!

Deb said...

Will you be taking clothes and toiletries too or are you foresaking those for projects and books? *wink*