Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yarnis Spitupicus

We finally got rain today. The weather man said yesterday if we didn't get rain in the next week the farmers would lose 10-20% of there crops. In the meantime, 150 miles south of us they got 5 inches. Go figure!
Random odd picture - In the process of pealing off the multiple layers of wallpaper in the bathroom I found the paper from my childhood. How funny is this! We were very much in style in the 50s.

Bert woke me up in time to see Deb on TV this morning, unfortunately. Fun to see the knitters, not so fun as to why I was up at 5:45 am. Bert has to check out everything. I have always joked I should have named him Dyson - he sucks up everything on the floor. If Chief leaves some of his hair on the floor - Bert will find it and WHOOSH! it's gone in his stomach. Last night he found a small ball of sock yarn. I started the second sock (lower left in pic) and pulled a bit of yarn from the skein to be able to match the starting colors. Bert found that bit and - you got it - WHOOSH! This morning at about 4:30 we got the usual Bert WAIL. Mom - I'm alone in the hall and no body loves me. But it was followed by kitty urping noises. In the bathroom was a 4 foot long strand of kitty spit yarn but no Bert. He was in the kitchen huddled in a corner with a 5 foot soggy strand coming out of his mouth. ICKY POOH - My poor baby! We got the yarn out of his mouth. I think we got it all but just in case I gave him a little bit of vegetable oil (which he sucked right up - WHOOSH!) and I'll be on poop patrol for a few days. We get to check his tummy and his poop for a while to be sure it all came out and nothing gets tied up inside.

On a happier note - Bert made friends with Andy. Andy has been up away from Bert's usual haunts. Andy is excited because he's going to go to Iowa with me next week on business. I haven't been to Cedar Rapids yet so will have to check out if there's any yarn shops in the area. I'll be down there Wed and Thurs nights and I'll be looking for something to do besides sitting in the hotel room!

(Oh - the title today is Bert's way to honor of Harry Potter coming out this week)


Guinifer said...

My cat used to love to eat curly ribbon, that stuff does not go down - only back up.

Deb said...

I know that sound all too well! Thanks for tuning in this morning. Make sure to get to bed early tonight!