Monday, July 9, 2007

The Joy of New Floors

I spent the day working from home while the new kitchen floor was installed. I am very happy. The new floor is definitely better than the old one (see yesterday's post).

While 3 guys were banging around the kitchen Chief hung out with me and my computer in the den and Bert did his usual hiding act. Bert is pretty much a chicken. At the first sound of someone coming to the house - he's out of here! The sofa and guest bed floors are very popular places for him at these times. About 1 hour after the guys left Bert reappeared. They both explored the new floors - declared it wonderful and decided to celebrate by taking a nap. Chief still thinks the knitting box is his bed - oh well....

Speaking of knitting. None was done today so here is a picture of some of my lonely knitting. You may notice a green cable something. You haven't seen this yet. It's the back of a cable sweater but I haven't worked on it since I started blogging so it's never been pictured before. Maybe sometime I'll get back to it.

Well, it's late time to "hit the hay".

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