Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Andy goes to Iowa

After leaving the Minneapolis area at 6:30 am this morning Andy and I drove for over 4 1/2 hours to get to our companie's office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I haven't been to this part of Iowa before and the difference between the US 35 drive and the drive to this area is amazing. Most of the ride down had things to look at - rivers, valleys, trees, small towns. The US 35 - straight down the center of the state - drive is one giant flat land. Andy was lucky to have this as his first trip to Iowa!

After a day at the new site we're opening, I made it to the hotel to relax for a few minutes and check emails before hunting up supper. While I checked emails - Andy checked the view.

Well, I've seen better. But I like this view better than the bookcase I've been living on for the past year!

After a wonderful supper at Applebee's (I tend to hit the same restaurant's at every town), we headed back to the hotel to watch TV, take care of a few problems from the emails I read earlier, and get out the knitting to relax for a bit. Andy was tired out after all the driving. There's 2 queen beds in the room so Andy gets his own.

Now, this is the kind of bed I could get used to!

If I finish early Friday I may head over to the Amana colonies on my way out of the area. I haven't been there for over 10 years and Andy wants to see them!

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Guinifer said...

Wow! Nice bed for Andy. Hope your trip is productive.