Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'll never understand knitters - good thing I'm one of them

- OOHH! Pretty yarn what are you making?

- Socks. I knit socks all the time. I knit them when I’m waiting in line, I knit them when I’m riding the bus, I knit them when I’m on vacation, I knit them when I’m…

- I get it – you knit them. Why don’t you buy them like the rest of us?

- Because when you make them they’re stronger, more comfortable, softer, and prettier.

- How many have you made?

- Oh lots. I’ve made 856 pair this year alone.

- And you wear them all?

- Oh no. I try them on when I make them and take a picture for my blog. Then I put them in my sock collection. I have a very nice sock collection. It talks to me when I'm lonely. My yarn talks to me too.

- GEESH! I thought you said they were stronger and more comfortable.

- They are but if I wear them I can’t take them out and look at the collection all the time.

- I’ll never understand knitters!