Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Catching up on knitting

Okay - I promised to tell you about the strange toilet seats I saw in Iowa. I know, toilet seats aren't a normal conversation but these were so strange I have to tell you about them. There were two sets. The first building was built in 1923 and I think the seats are originals. Like all public seats they had the opening in the front but the front sides went straight back and then the back became a full circle. The shape is kind of like a light bulb. They were odd but the ones in the second building were down right bizarre. Similar front but the back half was a metal curved rod - no seat. I only wish I had taken a picture of them. I doubt I'll ever see ones like this again. Okay - enough potty talk. What else did I promise to tell you about?

Oh yeah. The stuff I've been knitting.

First the latest finished socks.

These were the June Sock of the Month at Amazing Threads. The yarn is OnLine color 917. I made the top using size 2 needles and switched to the recommended size 1 for the foot. I figured this would give me a bit more ankle and thick leg room. The pattern is Country Girl Socks from Heart Strings Fiber Arts. One thing when I washed them for blocking (yes, they're still wet in the picture) they bled quite a bit. They also gained a lot of size, I think they'll still be my size but I'll know tomorrow after they dry completely.

Next the July Sock of the Month in progress.

It's a yarn I haven't heard of - Rio de la Plata. It's 100% Merino wool and soft. The colors were very interesting. My skein had 3 color blended - coral-bison-seaweed. Some of the other people in the group last Monday had skeins with 6 colors in them. The pattern was written by someone at Amazing Threads and has mock cables. When I finish the socks I'll give you full details. One thing I know is I'm making the leg shorter. Every time I make the recommended length I wish I had made them shorter. I'm just a short sock person.

The coral and lime green Sockotta socks from a few months ago have a new home. I gave them to my cousin's daughter for her 14th birthday next week. These colors were definitely made for her.

Last knit item - I'm in the middle of Elizabeth Zimmerman's baby surprise jacket.

Like I said last time, we're having an outbreak of babies at work. This one started looking a bit too "Christmasy" with the red and green so I'm adding more other colors. I'll be adding a light gold next stripe. I love knitting this because it's quick, has a novel look and you never know what it will look like until you fold it and seam the shoulders.

I'm adding a strange little picture.

It's a drain filter. You can pick it up at Wal-Mart or Target (I think). It saved me many times. It fits in the drain of the sink and catches a ton of cat hair, yarn fuzz, anything that ends up in the sink. You can also get bigger ones for showers and save yourself from a stubbed toe by the ones that stick up and save yourself from hair clogs by not using anything. If you look carefully you can see a pretty good size fuzz ball in the filter. That's how much it grabbed washing 2 pair of socks. Imagine how much goes down the drain in a month!

Bert, would you take care of your nose? It's dirty again!

Where? I don't see anything on my nose!

Bert, here - blow your nose and clean it. - Mom

I don't want to! - Bert

Bert...... be a good boy. - Mom

Okay. But I don't have to like it!

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Guinifer said...

I reawlly like how the Baby Surprise jacket is turning out - it doesn't look too Christmasy to me!