Sunday, July 29, 2007

Iowa - hot and muggy

Andy enjoyed his first trip in 3 years. While we were at the new Copy Center he got to see an electronic paper cutter. Andy stayed behind the safety guard because this cutter can slice through 500 sheets of paper very easy. He didn't want to see if it could slice through him!

I got done early enough Friday to drive over to the Amana Colonies on my way home. People often think the Amish when they find of the Amanas but they are two different groups of people. The settlers of this area back about 150 years ago were from Germany and wanted to keep a simpler life. To this day they still have many of the original buildings.

They stopped communal dining in the 1930s but still maintain a close community life style. There's several villages divided around the area to support the farming life. They also have a Woolen Mill. Andy met a new friend at the woolen mill and this friend came home to stay with one of my friends that collects penguins. The warping reel behind them prepares the warp for the looms.

During the trip home an important thing happened. Laurie and I always had to celebrate when one of our cars hit a fun mileage mark. I car turned 24442 this week. It would have been cause for a supper out. Silly things like that pop up when you aren't expecting it.
Bert and Chief were very glad to see me home. When I'm gone 1 night they're okay - 2 nights they tend to get a bit dramatic when I get home.

MOM! Where were you? I was just getting ready to throw myself out the window I missed you so much!

I did get some knitting done while I was gone. I finished last month's sock of the month - I'll get pics next time. I also started another one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's surprise baby jackets because it seems everyone at work is expecting all of a sudden. The mystery shawl is coming along. And I started work on this month's sock of the month. Pics for all next time. I have to head out to take care of some things for my Mom.

If you're interested - the college I was at setting up the new copy center had the STRANGEST toilet seats I've ever seen. But - that story will have to wait until next time.... how's that for a cliffhanger!

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Guinifer said...

We have a verrrrry old lady cat in our house and you would not believe the dramatics when we are gone for just one night!