Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

I just finished reading a book that frightened me at the beginning. It wasn't a mystery or horror story - it was my life in black and white. The main character is a 50 yo lady who has a mother in need of going to assisted living because of memory problems. Man that sounds familiar! The father's name was George. Dad, you hear that? She called Aunt Jean to talk about it all. Aunt Jeanne can I call you again to talk about this? Anyway - there were many things about the book not my life but there was enough the same that it was a bit odd to read. Some of the conversations were indentical to ones Mom and I have had. Spooky! The book was Susannah's Garden by Debbie Macomber. I've read her Knitting Book series and wanted to read this one before I read the next Blossom Street book which brings Susannah to the Knitting Book Series area.

This week was raspberry week. I love it. The back portion of my yard is filled with bright berries just begging to be turned into delight for the palate. Last weekend my friends and I loved raspberry muffins. This week I've had raspberry on rice pudding and raspberry pancakes. Yum. It's been a good week!

85 years ago George was born. He grew up in south Minneapolis and had a wonderful childhood. When the time came he joined the navy and defended our country against those that wanted to take away our rights. After the navy he married and eventually became my Dad. We had great times growing up. One Saturday a month was my time alone with Dad we would have adventures that were huge to a small girl. Sometimes we would go to the Osseo gravel pit and go agate hunting. We stop by the root beer stand and the bakery and get something for lunch that Mom wouldn't approve of. We took our agates and polished them and made jewelry out of some. Sometimes we'd go cross country skiing together, sometimes go out and practice archery. Whatever we did was just the two of us. My brother had his time alone with Dad and I don't know what they did. Probably baseball stuff but - that was their time and private. Dad always believed totally in me. He helped me start my shop when I decided to go into business on my own. He supported me when I decided the shop didn't work well enough to keep going. He taught me to be an independent person. Able to make household repairs on my own and stand on my own two feet. Now that he remembers very little and has to live in a Memory Care Home he still believes in me totally. How incredible is that! It's been 85 years of living and loving and I'm glad he and Mom adopted me so I could call him Dad! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you.

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Romi said...

Happy belated birthday, Jill's Dad! :)