Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Pursuit of Happiness

For Independence Day Bert wants to talk the pursuit of happiness (yarn and knitting) today and promises to show up in a few of the pictures (if you look close enough!)

Last time I said how I started the Mystery Shawl 3 using KnitPicks Shimmer. (Bert's trying to to sneak in again)
Well, after 50 rows I decided the colorway didn't show the lace as well as I wanted to so, I switched to KnitPicks Bare. I also decided to use sock/fingering weight instead of the lace weight and make it a little bit bigger than the original. So far it looks like I made the right choice.

In other knitting news I have several items I'm working on that I haven't posted pics of yet. So here we go...

The sock of the month sock if coming along. I'll be starting the toe in less than an inch.

I started a vest I found in the latest Knitters magazine. It was made out of a demin cotton. I had some Bernat cotton Twister (Natural) sitting around so decided to give it a try. The pattern has a mistake in it but the correction is on the website. I've got the back and one of the sides done.
And the left front is started. The should is on the right of the picture with the neckline on the top.The yarn I'm using is a little bigger than the pattern yarn and I'm using one size up needle from the pattern. I also made it 2 inches longer than the original. I'm big and tall and don't need a tight short vest!

When the KnitPicks Shimmer arrived the box contained a few other goodies. I got some Sura Dream to make scarves for Christmas presents. I also got some Gossamer lace weight I'll be finding something pretty to make from it one of these days. (Bert tried to sneak in the picture but I was too fast)

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