Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ah! Sweet Mysteries of Shawl at last I Knit You

A couple weeks ago I joined the mystery shawl 3 KAL along with what is now over 4000 other knitters. Friday the first clue was posted. My yarn hadn't arrived yet so I didn't try to download the clue until late last night. My yarn showed up today so I put down my sock and my cotton vest I've been working on to give the shawl some of my time. The yarn I'm using is KnitPicks Shimmer - alpaca/silk lace weight. I haven't knit with it before and I've only done 30 rows so far but I really like this yarn.

The ranting I was doing a couple days ago at work is still a potential problem but the mass quantities of chocolate and TV watching seems to have done it's work (not to mention the high volume of knitting I've done the past few days).

In the middle of all this insanity at work I got a call from my Dad's place. He had icky eyes (my term not theirs) and needed to see the doctor. This call came at 3pm Friday so I had to hustle to get an appointment and get to him and to the doctor before the weekend appeared and everyone disappeared for several days. Good news is Dad's weight is up a little bit and all his blood tests looked good. He let himself get way down to 132 lb. at 5'8". This low weight doesn't help cope with other life problems well. But now he has been eating well since last Sept and being taken care of well where he lives so he is healthier and able to deal with eye ick better. We got some goo to put in his eyes and went back to his place in time for supper.

Back to the work traumas I won't talk about (you are too nice to be bothered with such mundane things). What I will talk about is - I ended up changing my vacation from middle of July (way too much to do to take a week off) to mid August. I'll end up having the week after Stitches Midwest off. Which means - I'm seriously thinking of driving down to Chicago Friday night and hanging out at Stitches Sat & Sun and drive home Sunday night. I haven't done something like this for a few years and with the craziness in my life I think I need to do a fun crazy think
I had someone email and ask about the window that Bert looks out of in his pictures. It's from a Cat Cottage I got at Dr. Foster & Smith. It's a 4 story (4' tall) cardboard box. Each set of windows has a floor with a hole to move around in on the inside. The boys love it. The other thing in the kitty corner is their Jungle Gym. It's from Target and so far has held up well to both of them leaping on and off. The last part of the kitty corner tends to be junk on the floor. We usually have a big shoelace, a plastic bag (for Chief to chew on), assorted bits of wadded up paper, you know, the usual necessary kitty items. This unfortunately is not just contained in the kitty corner - it's all over the house. After all, I am only allowed to live with them and their toys.

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