Friday, June 22, 2007

It's been a good week

I had this week off. The plan was to work at least 3-4 days at the other house and get much packed and ready to get a moving company to get everything down here so I can finally clean it up and put it on the market. I also planned to get some leisurely knitting done.

Here's what I did:
1. so far spent 1 day at the other house, got some packing done. I'll put in another day this weekend.
2. Knit on my grey silk cardigan. The first sleeve is done. Now I have to decide if I'm going to do a sideways knit body from the sleeve or be traditional and knit the body waist up. I'll have to stare at the sleeve for a while and think. I also knit on other smaller projects and played around with some designs to add to my garter stitch collection (easy knits for my friends that are going to learn this fall).
3. Bought some beads and wire and made a few stitch markers. Fun and easy.
4. Bought a new kitchen floor. This took 3 trips to Lowes and an installer coming to the house to measure things up. The current floor is from the 70s and I planned on getting a new one after I got everything moved in the house but, it's time. I really hate the current floor and it has holes in it. The new one will be installed next month and is pergo hardware floor-look. I'm happy.
5. I took Mom & Dad to the American Swedish Institute (See last post).
6. I only turned on my work computer 2 times. Monday I promised to check to see if more info was needed for a big meeting Tuesday. I lucked out and didn't need to do any work. And today I turned it on long enough to approve my time card on line. I had many emails waiting for me but only glanced over them and sent a quick answer to 2 of them. Pretty much saying - I'll take care of this first thing Monday. I also saw I have 3 meeting set up Tuesday that I wasn't planning on. But - I deal with that Monday. I'm still on vacation.
7. Bert and I played a rousing game of "Fishy-fishy". We have a small fishing pole with a stuffed cloth fish on a line. He loves to chase around the house after this thing. If I go into the stupid human talking to a cat voice and say "Where's the fishy-fishy?" He'll madly wiggle his butt and go hunting for it. It doesn't take much to amuse either of us.
8. Chief has been enjoying extended bed time. I have been sleeping in until 8:00 which gives Chief extra cuddle time. He's happy. I'm happy.
9. I got together with friends Saturday night for dinner at a good India restaurant and a casual time on my deck afterward.
10. I watched a lot of TV and movies and pretty much vegged out. I needed that and feel almost ready to tackle what Monday will bring. The notable movies were "Bridge to Teribithia" - loved it and cried a lot; "Flushed Away" - ya gotta love a good rat story!; "Music and Lyrics" - can you tell I wasn't in to serious movies this week?; and I also watched the 6th season of "Monarch of the Glen" - it's a BBC TV series about a family in the highlands of Scotland this a castle and lots of amusing problems.

Well - 2 days left of vacation and I plan to enjoy it fully!

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Romi said...

Sounds nice and relaxing!!!