Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where's the magic wand when you need one?

This has been a week of no pictures (unless you count Bert's tum-tum on Monday) and little knitting because I have mass quantity of work this week and I have a house to clean by Saturday.

Generally the house thing isn't that big of a deal but the dining room has a wall filled with wall pictures and boxes that never made it over to my Mom's apartment; the living room has become the cat's own play room complete with toys and tunnels and treats hiding under and in things; the den is piled sky high with yarn boxes that will end up in the basement but I haven't fixed the landscaping to prevent basement rain leakage yet; the kitchen has a pile of plastic storage lids that I'm trying to find mates to before I throw them out; and.... You get the idea.

All this needs to become some sembliance of order by Saturday night when friends are coming over. Plus there needs to have some sort of dessert and beverages appear magically in the refrigerator. Bert & Chief just won't learn how to clean their own toys much less bake and go grocery shopping for me. Kids - what can you do with them!

So- no pictures this week. If I work hard tonight and get a couple rooms looking okay I may attempt to get some pics of my old projects or kitty pics or something else as the spirit moves me. Don't hold your breathe.

Next week is vacation (i.e. - get your butt up to the other house and finish cleaning it and boxing up your stash). But at least I'll have time to get the camera out and get a few pictures. I should tat least try to take some shots of Stash North before it's boxes up. It will give Guinifer something laugh about!


Guinifer said...

So, I'm picturing tunnels through the yarn boxes & stuff!!! LOL

Jill said...

You're close. Pictures to follow later this weekend.......