Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I ran over to the library between meetings at a couple clients to catch up on email and maybe do a it of work but fate had another plan - I can get on the web but my VPN isn't connecting so I can't get to my work email. Darn - guess I have to babble on the blog for a bit.

Yesterday we had one of our team meetings Operations and Sales. It was a bowling tournament. I haven't bowled since Carter was in office and it showed. I used to bowl 150-180. Last night I did bowl better than my age but - we'll just leave it at that! I did not win the top score trophy. Nor the one for highest team average or most strikes or..... you get the picture. It was bad - really bad. I was not the lowest score (how I'll never know). I do have a few excuses. Excuses are good. They help us survive an occasionally unjust world. I couldn't bowl my best because the shoes really hurt my feet and I could barely walk. It wasn't my own bowl and the holes just didn't feel right. I'm old out of shape and couldn't bend over enough to release the ball smoothly. NO! Forget the last excuse. That can't possibly be the reason why. I'll stick with the shoes being bad - I like that one.

I have to head out to Iowa again tomorrow morning. Some strange is going on in Des Moines. When I tried to book a hotel room my three usual hotels were all booked. After doing some checking - every stinkin' hotel in DM is booked Wednesday night. There's obviously something going on but I have no clue. I ended up finding a room about 13 miles from the company I'll be working at. A least its a well known name and not some flea trap.

One good thing about the trip. I found a good CD book to bring with to survive the 4 hour drive each way. I also found Wendy's book. I like to check books out of the library and then end up buying many of them. Wendy's looks like a keeper- it will be fun to have a "friend" with me on the trip.

Well - off to my next meeting. Hope nobody had any vital emails for me cause I don't get to see them until tonight at home - if the VPN works right!

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Guinifer said...

Like my mama always says - it sucks to get older!

Hope the trip to IA doesn't play too much havoc with your back.