Monday, June 11, 2007

It's okay Sweet Pea

Softball Game
The weekend went way too fast. Friday night godson's softball team "died". The game ended in the 5th inning with a score of 1 to 15. We were the "1". But it has been reported that they have played this team before several times and they are actually tied in total wins. The other team was incredibly hot Friday night. Leaping into the air and coming back with impossible catches. It was a fun game to watch. I must add the "1" was godson's making. He likes to run and slide. He managed to make a single into a 3 base run and slide home on the next hit. That was the first inning and well......... not much after that.

His Dad was supposed to fly in from New Jersey for the weekend but spent over 5 hours on the plane waiting to take off. He was supposed to arrive at 6pm but ended up going back home and getting there at 3am. I would absolutely DIE if I had to spend that much time in a plane and airport. YUCK! He plans to come next weekend so we'll see what other air traumas can happen to prevent all of us from seeing him.

Stash South
Last month I mentioned I have 2 yarn stashes. One in the current house and one up north (14 miles away) in my other house I haven't finished fixing to sell. And I haven't removed all my things until I clear out my parents things from this house. Anyway - Stash south got a face lift. I bought some of the metal grid cubes from Target and put it together. It's a 2 cube by 3 cube "wall" that contains yarn very nicely. I also got some plastic boxes to further assist with control. The yarn in the cubes looks very nice and in order. The problem is- I still have 6 boxes of yarn down here and about 2 full rooms in the other house. Yes, I said full rooms. Not a wall of shelves, not boxes under the bed. we're talking full rooms with shelving all over. One room is my personal stash the 2nd room is what remains of my shop supplies. I used to have a shop selling machine knitting yarn, machines, sewing machines, etc. I quit the shop fairly fast and didn't get around to having a clearance sale so I have yarn - yarn - yarn. And thread. And sewing notions. And patterns. and.....
Some day I'll get my act together and list some of the yarn for sale - cheap. But not today.

I've finished a few more blocks for Greensburg. That makes 7 so far. I need to make a few more before I mail them off. Postage is cheaper that way.

I started reading a book that may be hard to read. It's "Susanne's Garden" by Debbi Macomber. This book is in the middle of the Blossom Street Yarn books she has written. It's the story of a 50 year old who has to go to her parent's house to deal with her mother's failing memory since her father's death. Dad's not dead but with him not living in the same place as Mom, she's lost her support system and her memory is going fast. This book may be a bit too close to home or it may give me some ideas. Time will tell.

On the way to Iowa last week I got "The Thirteenth Tale" on CD to listen to. I have about 3 hours left and it's quite a tale. It's about 2 women - an older author and an amateur biographer. Both have secrets and flaws in their characters. It's written very well and has kept me interested. The 2 ladies that read the book do a wonderful job bringing it to life.

The Boys
I can't have a post without mentioning the boys. Chief has taken to waken my gently every morning when the sun comes up to snuggle next to me a pet my cheek. He does this for about a week every year a different times. I know know what starts it but it's nice to wake to a soft pet and purr!
Bert on the other hand has gotten whiny again. That's his trick. Every so often he decides we've left him and he CRIES! Not polite little kitty cries but loud harsh wailing. Cries that come from his inner most soul filled with sorrow. Unfortunately, it usually happens while he's in the hallway at about 3 or 4 am. I wake. I look into the dark and say,"It's okay sweet pea. We're in the bedroom." And he comes in and jumps on the bed. I give him one pat on the back, he wags his tail, runs off and is quiet the rest of the night. Go figure.


Guinifer said...

In May/June, my cats always used to "feel their oats" - lots of sudden running around madly and loud, open-mouthed "mao, mao". Now Hooter is 18 and she still yells, but we think it's because she's deaf.

Seriously? A house? I have to take a moment. A house?

Jill said...

Okay Guinifer - breathe.
It's not a whole house just 2 rooms (well - the room in the new house too). Someday I may take a bunch of pictures of it all but I think that would scare too many people off.