Sunday, June 17, 2007

It was meant to be

Picture this...

Chief is asleep in "their" chair. All happy dreaming of knit mice when Bert decides to join him. Bert is not a gentle kitty, he's a bull in a china shop. Bert jumps up on top on Chief's head and miracle of miracles - Chief stays there. They cuddle in next to each other and get ready for a nap.

This can't be left alone by me - it's a photo op. Of course, the usual game plan is: I go hunt up the camera, get it turned on, set it for indoors, aim and..... one of them gets up and goes away.

This time I get up, get the camera, turn it on, set it for indoors, aim, zoom in and take a picture. Then another. Then I realize the top dial was bumped and set on movie instead of picture. So - I turn the dial to picture and the batteries go dead. DRAT! But - what's this - the boys are still in their chair sitting side by side. Maybe just maybe I can get new batteries put in and still get the picture.

Out to the kitchen and grab new batteries. I popped the pack open went back into the den. WOW! The boys are STILL sitting there. I took out the old batteries - put in the new ones - turn the camera on and - the batteries are in the wrong way. And the boys are STILL sitting there looking cute.

Out with the batteries - flip them around - put them back in - turn the camera on - aim - zoom in - and, this is where I tell you they got up and walked away but NO this is a special day. I have cute picture mojo going today. I GOT 3 SHOTS before Bert got up. Cool.

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