Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chief and Bert do the Laundry

Last night was Sock of the Month group at Amazing Threads. We got our yarn and pattern and sat around for a couple hours to knit and chat. I haven't belonged to a knit group before but this is very comforting. I don't know anyone's name but I can tell you who's the daughter of whom - which 2 are sisters - who's going on a boat cruise next month. Next month I'll work on remembering names - I've always been bad at that.

The yarn this month is ON Line Supersocke 100 - color 917 and the pattern is Country Girl Socks from Heart Strings Fiber Arts. I'll get pictures posted when there's enough to show.

The past few days Chief and Bert have tried to be very helpful to me. Chief babysat Bert while they both helped with the laundry.

You know - we would be more comfortable on the kitty hammocks.

This is MUCH better!

WHAT? We're supposed to fold the laundry!?

Have you ever noticed how many pictures I tend to get of both the boys together? They're usually joined at the hip and not too far from me. They're such Momma's boys and I LOVE it!

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Guinifer said...

Boy, this heat must be really rough for those boys - I wouldn't want to be wearing their fur coats.