Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tragedy in Iowa

Sad news in Iowa yesterday. It's all over the news down here. Rob Lowe was accused of murder. He's in Des Moines at a golf tournament and hit a bird mid-flight with one of his golf balls. As if that weren't tragic enough - it was a goldfinch - the state bird. Poor bird - Poor Rob. Actually it's kind of nice to be somewhere where the big news story is a bird getting killed by a golf ball and not a list of all the violence that occurred to people the day before. Nice quiet Iowa. Hate the drive to get here from Minneapolis - love the city.

The Victorian shawl I've been working on is at the bind off stage. I should be able to finish it tonight after I get home from Iowa ( 4 hour boring drive I may just go to bed when I get home!)

I have no pictures of knitting or the new pics of the boys for today so I'll give you 2 older pictures.

The view from the toilet in my old house - Chief loved this location!

(7:50 pm - Chief says he just found out Chris is getting everyone to show their tummy. "I showed mine and didn't even know it was the thing to do!")

One from my cell phone. Taken on the way to work one day.

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Chris said...

Aw, Chief, talk about fluffy! Chaos can only dream of that much fluff on his tummy.

Dang, the state bird even. Whoops.