Friday, June 8, 2007


I'm this little blog. I get 5-15 visits a day. Nothing big. It's more my therapy in a basically crazy world. Then something happened yesterday. I sent Chris a note about Chief's tummy. She put a link on her blogs and WOOOSH! Over 50 hits today. The power of a popular blog!

So in honor of this and to make it up to Bert for not putting his tummy on yesterday I give you the Bert tummy pic and story to go with it.

Bert is a British Shorthair. They're the breed with the chubby cheeks - think Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. The "process" to get the chubby cheeks is to let a Brit come into manhood - at least for a short time. So Bert and I waited to get him fixed. Well, I waited, he was in NO hurry! As he grew up his backside grew out. I have never seen such a well endowed little boy. He was walking around with a couple of golf balls on his back side. That's a lot for an 8 lb. kitty!

We finally "corrected" his ability to walk straight with a little visit to the vet. No more golf balls but cute chubby cheeks. Then it happened. I lost the paperwork from the vet showing he was neutered. To get his papers from the breeder I needed to show I wouldn't be breeding him. I really didn't need the papers for anything but, why not. So I sent her an email explaining I lost the vet receipt but sent a photo as proof. She laughed and I got Bert's papers from her. So- here is the photo.

Tonight is godson's softball game so we'll have a fun night of watching other people sweat and going to the bar that sponsors them afterward. Friends are fun!


Chris said...

Whoa Bert! Flashin'!! Hee hee - we thought Chaos was a girl for the first several months of his life because Diablo was so OBVIOUSLY a boy and Chaos didn't look like that AT ALL. And then - well, ok, guess Chaos was a boy. :)

Guinifer said...

No kiddin' whoa! Not just yarn pron but kitty pron!!

KnitNana said...

What a cutie!

KnitNana said...

THAT is a great story - thanks for visiting me today....I saw his photo before I read your post!!