Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dad you were so young -and cute!

I've got a week off. To most of the world that means vacation - go somewhere to enjoy, kick back, knit, swim. Not me. It means I have a week to try and get the other house packed up so I can finally get rid of it. Let's see how far I get..

I was going through some old favorites on my web list and came across one that is very worthy: The Hunger Site. Everything you buy at this site helps feed people in 3rd world countries. Their site has some wonderful items to buy. If you're interested in a Guatemalan catnip mouse - this is your place. You want some Spirit of the Andes Natural Angora & Cotton Yarn and feed 50 cups of food to a 3rd world, BINGO-you got it. Banana fiber yarn -Yup. I have not bought any yarn from this site but the jewelry I got was high quality and the friends that got them as presents liked them. They also have additional tabs for Animal Rescue (partner with Petfinder); Rainforest; Literacy and more.

I haven't given you any pictures lately and don't have any new ones so here's some of my stained glass for you to enjoy.
This was one of my first angels. It was a present for Mom. The background is a table runner with cardinals on it. She's big into red and cardinals.
Keeping with the cardinal theme I made her a window for the front door. The front door has 3 - 12" windows running down it. This window is now in the top one. It didn't go with Mom's new apartment so I still have the cardinals at the house.
Moving on to a few quilts - Chief has always been a great help when I'm quilting. Here we're working on a African Animals quilt for Laurie. She kept it in her living room until the end. I think godson's brother has it now.
Last quilt for the day - My bro and SIL's anniversary quilt. The colors and stars actually mean things. I designs this one because 1- they liked traditional looking things and stars. 2- the reddish color is for Jan- she's a Fire Captain in LA county 3- the greenish color is for Jim, money. He's a regional controller for a major hotel chain. 4- the other "non" colors are because their entire house is boring beige, tan, off white, a little navy trim. You get the picture. I worked with what I had and this was the result. It's King sized and machine quilted on the Pfaff shown with Chief above.
Last but not least. Because of Father's Day, a couple pictures of Mom & Dad in their hey day. Matching shirts- how cute it that! They were so young and just beginning their dating. Full of hope and dreams. I wish them both a Father's Day of good memories of their life together even if the memories are few and dim.

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Guinifer said...

Love the picture of your mom and dad.

I've got to say the kitty in the sewing machine picture is kind of scary. Her eyes look possessed!