Sunday, June 3, 2007

Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend. We did a little of this - Then did some more -
Chief joined in the activity -

After a bit it was time to check out the back yard -

But they didn't realize the action was in the front yard -

Finally all that activity meant needing a special treat -

One thing we did do this weekend was look at a new kitchen floor. I told the folks to forget about redoing the kitchen floor until I got moved in and I'd take care of it. Why put in a new floor only to move a bunch of furniture over it and wreck it in the first month! I'm thinking the snap together flooring that looks like tile because the rest of the house is 50 year old hardwood floor and I'd never be able to match it. I don't want real tile because I tend to drop things and dishes would break way too easy on hard tile.
Oh well - I'll think about that tomorrow and for now we'll go back to doing nothing! It's a great weekend!


Romi said...

I can see that kitty was *seriously* hard at work being a cat! ;)

Guinifer said...

That sounds like a great weekend for you and les chats!