Wednesday, June 20, 2007

60 years and still going strong

Today was Father's Day. Don't double check your calendar. You're okay. I'm okay. Today was Father's Day in my world of dementia coping. Sunday would have been too many people and noise where ever I took Mom & Dad and that would not work well. Dad needs quiet and order and routine. Mom's not far behind. So - Wednesday being quieter during the day became our Father's Day. The public library's in the Twin Cities have a deal right now where you can "check out" 4 admission passes to many of the museums around town. So- we took advantage of these and went to the American Swedish Institute.

I picked up Dad at 1pm. Had to call Mom to remind her to come over - she forgot. Redress Dad and make sure he zipped up his pants, etc. Wait for Mom. Re dress Dad. Get his afternoon meds and we were off. We actually got started at 1:30. Only 1/2 hour after I planned. This is pretty good for us. On the way to downtown we had our usual conversations - how much would a car like this cost - we're so lucky to have a daughter like you - you're so smart. Apparently being able to make a right turn after the light turns green is occasion for being declared the smartest person around (again). We made it to the museum. I won't bore you with details. We walked around, enjoyed the place for about 30 minutes and Dad got tired. That makes the free passes even nicer. I don't mind short visits when we don't have to pay.

On the way back to the car I had to quick grab my camera and get this picture.
60 years married and still holding hands. How special is that! It was a short day but they both enjoyed it. Well worth the having to hear the same conversations over and over again.

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Guinifer said...

I can only imagine what a lost feeling it must be - to be so unsure in your own world. Glad you are able to enjoy your time with mom and dad.