Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Bloglines is absolutely whacko crazy lately. I check blogs only to find I haven't read about 200 posts. In the real world it was about 12 posts. Bloglines go fix yourself.

2. Driving to work Friday I saw one of my friend's fathers driving just ahead of me. I didn't see his face and I don't know what car he drives but I know for sure it was him. How? For the past 30+ years he has had the license plate "BOZO". Hard to miss!

3. I blew it Friday for the Coldwater sale. By the time I got there guinifer had bought all the good yarn. Knowing she was going to the sale and knowing she was just coming off the yarn diet, I should have know she would make mass quantities of yarn her own. Next time - I'll beat you guinifer - I'll get there before you! - Yes, I will....Bwa ha ha

4. My cousin and I got together for supper and floor viewing last night. She has to buy a new floor in place of her carpet in the family room because they found out her son is terribly allergic to dust mites. They had to redo his entire bedroom and are now redoing the kitchen floor that old and getting the carpet out of the family room at the same time. So - it turns out the guy that did my floor was one of the companies she had give her an estimate. We enjoyed a wonderful supper at Applebee's and headed over to my house to see the kitchen floor. They really did a good job.

5. Clue 4 came out Friday for the Mystery Shawl. I got about 40 rows knit so far but I didn't download the clue till yesterday morning and I had a few other things to get done. So - no new picture. Look at my last picture and add a few more rows. Maybe today I'll get some more done.

6. I'll be out of the office all next week. Monday & Tuesday at a new site downtown and Wed thru Fri in Iowa at a new site. Trying to explain what I do is kind of hard because I'm not in the normal job descriptions. My company is in the document management business. The part I'm in outsources. We manage the copy center, mail rooms, reception area, imaging centers, etc for other companies. My job is to implement new sites. I set write the procedure books, and a bunch of other stuff that's boring to people who don't have to deal with it. Our area is Minnesota and Iowa so I get to go down there when we have a new site to start up. Next week is a college copy center.

7. Bert survived his yarn eating episode just fine. The kitty litter showed evidence of the little bit of vegetable oil working fine and no other problems showed up.

8. Chief was a wonderful host last night for my cousin. He greeted her at the door and showed her to the living room. He even managed to show her how he can shake hands. She's the first person he's done this for. He has performance anxiety most of the time. Either that or he's a cat and refused to do tricks for the general public.

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