Saturday, October 27, 2007

A big barn with a water tower with an arrow

The last couple days I was out of town for business. The bosses decided we should have the management team meeting off site so we would be away from distractions. The Iowa people drove north a couple hours - we drove south a couple hours and met in the middle. You may be wondering what is half way between Des Moines and Minneapolis. - A casino with a big barn with a water tower with a big arrow on it. That's where we were. Lots of flat land - a gas station and the above...

To be fair the hotel attached was very nice. I'm not a gambling person so after the evening buffet we all went to see the comedy show and I headed to my room to watch TV and knit after that. Smokey casinos and gambling can't hold a candle to some quiet knitting time. I didn't get any pics of Andy enjoying himself because - well - there wasn't anything to see. He stayed in the knitting bag the whole trip.

Other than that, no knitting to write about. I'm heading over to the new site today to get it ready to have the 4th floor people start working Monday. Then I have to finish getting the basement ready for the water proofers on Monday. Yeah - this will be a fun weekend!?!?

The next post will be my 100th and I'll post the instructions for the knitting gnome. Bet you can hardly wait!

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