Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Seasons of Knitting

I’ve been reading a lot of comments from other blogs about people having knitting problems. They’ve lost their knitting mojo. I’ve been thinking about this the past week. I think crafts are like the rest of our lives. They need to have seasons. How boring would it be if it was always the same sunny day, never a cloud, never snow, never the beauty of fall with the changing leaves. Or what if we always had to eat chocolate. You may like chocolate but what if that was all you could ever eat was chocolate. Never taste a nice juicy apple again. No more fresh baked bread. No more ice cream. Just chocolate.

I think losing mojo for something is a brain’s way of taking a break to regroup and get ready for the next burst of creativity. Kind of like winter when the earth gets a chance to rest and get ready for spring. So – don’t lose heart, take the time to look around at other things and get ready for your next spring. If you live in the Twin Cities you may want to head over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and check out the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit or the American Swedish Institute Sunday for a special Swedish Smörgåsbord. Maybe a walk around the lakes checking out the fall leaves (if they don't all fall this week from the rain).

If you really want to do something that will make you long to get back to knitting, you can come over here and help me move a boatload of junk from the basement so the contractors can get at the basement to water proof it next week. Trust me, the thought of having to move 3 piles of firewood, move a full wall of books and removing the paneling on 2 wall is just what it takes to get me desiring the knitting needles! My knitting muse is found in hating to doing this chore - I wish for all of you to find your knitting muse in a much more pleasant way!

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Lorraine said...

LOL - my DH wants to scrub all the carpets in the house this weekend. I guess moving furniture and vacuuming may be just the return ticket for the prodigal mojo.