Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dry Basement & a lot of dust!

It's been a busy few days. I worked from home while I had many men running around making my basement all better. I had loud jack hammering going on much of yesterday while they worked their way down past the basement floor to the ground. They then created a drain field in a ditch around the basement wall and put in a sump pump. While that was going on some other men were running around outside the house putting in 4 new basement windows. The old wood ones are gone and pretty block windows with air vents are now in place. Best of all these won't let waterfalls come in during heavy rains. The ditch in the basement was finished up today and once it's dry I can put in new tile. Nice dry basement. I can get serious about finishing up so I can finally move the rest of my stuff down here and dump the old house!

Sad Small Person
My blog is small. If I get over 30 people reading it a day it's a good day but - somehow between last night and today someone found one of my posts from August and decided they had to add a stupid comment. No swearing or anything but it was an anonymous attempt to make them feel clever and powerful over someone else. It didn't work. It made me feel sorry for them. It made me feel sad they don't know how to type properly. It made me delete the comment so other people wouldn't be bothered with it. Life is too short to worry about sad small people. Enough said.

Bert Returns
Bert has a bubbly personality. You've seen the pictures. He's a cutie pie. But only when we're alone. Let a car pull into the driveway and he's outta here! Imagine his trauma at 2 days of people coming in and out of the house all day long making terribly loud noises. Poor thing. He spend his day under the couch in the far corner and didn't come out until 1 hour after everyone was gone. But he's sitting next to me right now begging for chin "skritches" so I think he survived.

The best thing about the guys working on the basement (other than the obvious dry basement) I got rid of 2 typewriters and a bowling ball! Now - do you know anyone that wants any other bowling balls (I've still got 3), or maybe a 15 year old computer, or some fishing gear or........

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Guinifer said...

Well I am a constant reader!

That's great about your basement. so nice to have home improvements finished, isn't it?