Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Baby Knitting

After taking the hat pic of Chief this weekend I decided to try and get a shot of Bert with the hat on. There's a very definite difference on what the two boys will let me do. This is the best picture I got of Bert.

I mentioned the socks didn't get done this weekend because after the shop hop I started knitting the Blue Jeans Purse immediately. This little purse is made from left over cotton and linen yarns. The color on the picture is a bit off - The light blue is a bit brighter but otherwise the color is pretty close. The yarn was about dk weight. On the top and bottom is has a braided stitch which I had never done before. The bottom shows it off pretty well in the picture. It's done by doing a set up row of k1 color a - k1 color b all the way around then you work two rows of purl every other color but the unused color is at the front . One round you bring the new color around the old one from the bottom each st and one round you bring it over the top. I'll leave more specific directions to the pattern itself - Blue Jeans Purse #701 by Megan Lacey.

Right after finishing the purse I got word about the new preemie baby my friend got so - back into baby knitting mode which is why the hat was made. Last night Chief and I started knitting a little hooded sweater for the baby.

"Let's see - that's knit 2 purl 2." - Chief

The sweater is a hooded sweater with a bit of a difference, it zips up the back. A million years ago when I was young and friends were having babies (not Grandbabies) we came up with this pattern at the shop I helped out at. It was very popular back then and I hope my friend will think it's a clever idea. It's made from Woolease so it has a bit of warmth from the wool but can be thrown in the washing machine a lot.

If you look at the picture you will see a bit of history. The pink needle is from the pair I learned how to knit with back in the 1960s. How lucky are you - and I won't even charge you for seeing this bit of the "museum"!


Guinifer said...

You are a funny lady! I have some old aluminum needles that my Great Gran used in her day!

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

That purse is cool! And your cats seem very helpful. : )

Lorraine said...

Doncha love the different personalities that cats have! I love the purse.

As for aluminum needles, I still have the pair I used in high school to knit chain link armor for a production of The Mouse That Roared. They are dented and scratched but oh, so precious.