Monday, October 15, 2007

There's a new baby

I didn't get the sock finished yesterday because I was sidetracked. I ended up knitting the little purse pattern I got on the shop hop. It's blocking so tomorrow I'll get up pics & details. Then today I found out a friend became a foster Mom to a preemie. So - Chief and I have been knitting little hats to help keep his head warm.

Ok - you can take one picture but that's it! - Chief


Guinifer said...

Heh - he looks like he's about to start rapping.

Lorraine said...

Yeah, that's a 'gansta' look if I've ever seen one!

Anonymous said...

Your October package is headed to you and should be there by Thursday or Friday. I have to agree that Chief looks a little gangsta with the hat on. --Your secret pal