Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Secret Pal Strikes Again

I heard from my Secret Pal yesterday that my package had taken an extra journey but was on it's way. I got it today - YEAH!

Last package Chief was all over it from the second I set it down. This package - Bert was the chief inspector.

After I got all the packages out of the box Bert wanted to check out each one. He doesn't care as much for paper as the actual goodies so he left.

In comes Chief - let's see what's in the packages. I got goodies. My Secret Pal has obviously read all the little bizarre comments I've made lately. I got Lindt candy - truffle candy bar and Lindor truffles. YUM! There's only one thing I like better than these and there it is - 3 Aero Candy bars. These little goodies are only available from England or speciality import stores here in the states. I've only found one source so far. My Secret Pal found one too! YEAH! The boys also got treats. Hand picked by her "boy".

Of course there's yarn goodies too. I got Regia - the Kaffee Fassett line color 4251. I almost bought some of this on the Shop Hop last week but decided to hold off till next time the shopping bug hits. Now I don't have to. Then there's the last skein. I've been petting it since I opened it. The light lavender skein is Cashmere Silk from Jade Sapphire. Color - Lupine. It's very pettable (Chief likes petting it too). I've been gathering silk and "nice" yearns to make a sampler sweater. This may be saved for that project or I may just have to find a scarf that takes 400 yds. Such decisions!

Well, once again my Secret Pal has made perfect choices. My only problem will be how long can I hold out before I snarf down all the chocolate. THANKS!


Anonymous said...

I am glad that your package made it! I was a little nervous that the delay might mean it was damaged or melty but everything seems to be okay. Enjoy! --Your Secret Pal

Guinifer said...

Yea - that chocolate would be well on it's way to my belly...