Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Family Knitting History

Well, this is the 98th post. I'm getting the knitting gnome ready so I can post instructions on the 100th post this weekend. I have an out of town business meeting Thursday and Friday so I'm guessing I'll be lucky if I have time to post anything. Andy Lumper will be coming with, just in case I can find some fun for him to have. If he finds anything good I'll be sure to get a photo record of it for you.

Monday was our sock group at Amazing Threads and we got a pattern from one of the staff. She wrote a toe up pattern. It was fun to watch the other ladies trying to figure it out. I was the only toe up person there. The yarn is on the other side of the room and Chief is happily sleeping between my legs so I can't get up - it's against the kitty mom rules - Don't wake up a sleeping kitty! So - I can't tell you the name of the yarn. I'll catch ya next time or when there's enough on the needles to show...

If you get up I'll report you to the kitty union" - Chief

In the meantime we're going to have a bit of family knitting history. It's amazing what I've been finding cleaning out my parents basement stash!
The first item will be 55 years old the middle of November. It's something my Grandma (the one that taught me to knit) made for my brother when he was born. Actually - it's probably 55 in Feb. because bro was adopted at 3 months.

Side story - Bro was born on Nov 14 & adopted on Feb 13, 1953 at 3 months. I was born Nov 6 and adopted on Feb 13, 1956 at 3 months. Strange family coincidence! We are definitely from different families - he's barely 5'5" and I'm 5'9'. He's strawberry blonde thin hair, I'm thick wavy dark hair.
Back to the onsie. It has cute little cable on the yoke and a sewn in ribbon/snap thing on the bottom. I'm sure he looked quite dapper!
Three years later this little sweater and bonnet was made in my honor. It feels like cotton.

Wow! was I ever that little!

If you go back in family history to the early part of the 20th century - maybe about 1900-1910 or so you would see my other Grandma in this garment.

Yup! It's her knit swimsuit. This one feels like wool and has a label so it was purchased at a store. The "brand" says Reinforced???? SO what do you think we wear now that people will be laughing about in 100 years?


Guinifer said...

Oh. Dear. Me.
Is there a knit museum somewhere? Seems likes these things should be preserved and ...studied? Love the little sweater and bonnet set.

Anonymous said...

I love the knitted baby garments! So much love in such tiny garments. --Your Secret Pal

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

These are wonderful heirlooms! I think the swimsuit is just darling. : )

Theresa said...

How precious to have this knitting history! My Grandma was born in 1906. I have pictures of her in a knitted bathing suite like that in the 20s and 30s! Don't have the suit though.

Toni said...

Wow, how wonderful that you have a family knitting history!!!! My grandmothers both crocheted, but I am the lone knitter.

I hope the baby sweaters I have made hold up so well!!!