Sunday, October 28, 2007

100th Post & Knitting Gnome

Well here it is - the 100th post. I figured this would never happen. I tend to start out with gusto - full steam ahead and half way through something kind of poop out. One thing that has happened by posting on a blog - I've met new friends. It's odd to have friends that you've never met but someday I hope to change that. I've also been better at finishing projects. It's embarrassing to post about something for a long time with no progress. Having other people know about the project does help keep me focused. I've also gotten more pictures of Chief and Bert than I ever would have taken without the blog Sorry - it's picture time........

Get your foot out of my face! - Chief

This morning Chief and I settled in to knit.

I'm half way through the foot of the second Smooshy sock and really plan to get it done today but I also have to get the house ready for the water proofers - we'll see who wins.

Meanwhile, Bert was not in his usual den nap place so we went hunting for him. Does he just look really lonely or what!

UPDATE 12-21: I had a sudden increase in the number of people viewing my blog - this page. After doing a bit of hunting I found out there is a knit gnome swap that just started. Well, welcome all you gnome knitters. My little guy is quick and easy and would love to have a few new homes. Hope you enjoy this pattern and finding out about my boys - Chief and Bert. If you have any questions about the pattern -leave a comment (with email address) and I'll get back to you as quick as I can).

Now to what I promised for the 100th post - the Knitting Gnome pattern. A couple notes. If you want it in a bit better format, email me and I'll send you a pdf version. He originally was from a magazine from the 70s that no longer exists and we ( at the shop I used to help at) played around and made changes.

Knitting Gnome
Jill Chatelain

Finished size: 7-8 inches
Yarn: Scraps of worsted weight yarns. Colors of sample: White (boots); Brown (pants and hat); Green (shirt); Pink (face and ears); Gold (belt and buttons); Fuzzy tan (hair and beard); Red (nose and mouth).
Not showing is a small red heart appliqué on his chest under his beard.
Needles: size 6 or 7. The stitches should be firm but not tight. Gauge is not important as long as you get a firm fabric.
Other tools: Small crochet hook, scissors, darning needle

Notes: You will knit the gnome flat and sew the back and bottom. Work stockinette stitch unless told otherwise.

Directions: Legs & Body: Starting at bottom with white. CO 32 sts. K 6 rows. Work St st for 6 more rows. Change to brown, work 6 rows. Change to green work 14 rows.
Head & Hat: Change to pink, dec 1 st every 6th st. (27 sts). Work 7 more rows. Change to brown, work 2 rows. Next row: k6, place marker, dec 1 st, k6, place marker, dec 1 st, k6. Continue in St st and dec 1 st at each maker on the knit row until 1 st remains. Break yarn leaving enough tail to sew up back. Draw through last st.
Sew back seam and stuff firmly. Sew bottom seam.
Finishing: Using same color as knitting, stitch all the way through the middle of the boots and legs creating divide between legs. Do the same for the arms on the sides of the shirt. Run pink yarn around neck and pull it in.
Using blanket st and brown stitch around top of boots. Using gold and sew belt creating a little buckle. Sew buttons by making French knots.
Face: Using brown sew eyes of French knots. Using red sew mouth and nose. Using hair color sew eye brows and a moustache.
Ears: Using small crochet hook and pink yarn, ch 6. Dc into 5th ch from hook and 4th ch. Sc in 3rd and 2nd ch. Fasten off. Make 2. Sew to side of head.
Hair and beard: Using fuzzy yarn cut a piece about 3 inches long. Fold it in half and create knot in a stitch. If this piece is long enough for you to comfortably create knots, cut many more pieces and work into the stitches around the beard and hair area. Once you’ve got “enough” hair and beard to work with, fluff it up and give your gnome a haircut.

Now set him near your yarn stash to protect it and help you keep your knitting mojo.


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Congrats on your 100th post! : )

Bert looks like he's guarding that door...

Anonymous said...

I'm a knitter and I enjoyed your blog very much especially those two beautiful cats. I am a cat lover. Yours are marked so beautifully.