Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm on Ravelry

It’s October. It’s Minnesota. It’s 81 degrees today. What’s wrong with this picture? I’m sitting here typing away in shorts with the A/C on because I foolishly decided to block a wool sweater and the whole house reeks of wet sheep. It’s been raining and it’s too humid outside to be of any help in the dry the sweater department.

Who cares about the sweater as long as I'm comfortable - Bert

Before I start I just have to say how wonderful my new computer is. I’ve had it for 1-2 months and I still marvel at some of the new features. Right now I’m very much enjoying the picture card slot it has. No more hunting up the cable to connect things together to get my pictures onto the computer. Just – “plop” and it’s in the ‘puter ready to do it’s picturely things. I like it! I also like that when I got the new ‘puter, I broke down and finally got cable broadband. I’m flying through life so fast I can watch streaming TV shows on it. Oops I missed the first episode of Heroes so just go to the website and watch it whenever I’m ready. Cool.
Now back to our regularly schedule post….

Today is Mom’s birthday on the calendar. It’s also my Aunt’s birthday (the one I spend a lot of time talking about my parents to) and a co-worker’s. Being a Sunday and restaurant’s being busier, I’ll take her and Dad out later this week when things are a little quieter. I briefly thought about going out today but then it started raining and getting the two of them into the car – into the restaurant, etc. without rain is hard enough so, I’ll wait. I can’t bring them over to my place yet because I still have too much of their stuff hanging around the house. Mom gets all sad and confused and Dad just gets confused. It’s better not to have them here, unfortunately. Bringing them here for the afternoon would be SO much easier. With luck I’ll have everything settled by Thanksgiving.

So – what’s holding up getting done other than my basically being lazy? I’m getting the basement waterproofed – FINALLY! I got estimates the past few weeks and finally got it set up to have new window wells and floor drainage tiling put in. It quite the big deal. There will be jack hammers and all sorts of strange things going on in the basement the last week of the month. Once that’s done I have an electrician coming in to get the house out of the 1950s and into this decade. I still have fuses and not a lot of them. I have WAY too much electrically powered goodies to keep the old system any more.

After that, I’ll be able to bring the rest of my stuff here from the old house and finally dump that sucker! Then guinifer will get to see pictures of stash north and south as a combined unit and faint from the amount o’ crud I have. I have dreams of the 4 heddle loom, cutting table, knitting machine, sewing machine and serger and all the assorted things that go with them living happily in a “new” well lit studio of fiber goodness. For those of you who need a bit more, there’s also a build in fireplace and bar down there ready for use.
The view from the den window is changing. The maple tree is busy being all pretty and colorful while the apple tree is full of fruit waiting to be picked.

Meanwhile - Bert and Chief are still enjoying the little Secret Pal box. I don't think I'll ever be allowed to throw it away!

Hey Chief - It's your turn to sit in the box and protect it. Tonight's garbage night! - Bert

FYI - I've been busy this weekend because I was invited to Ravelry last night - I'm Jillsknit (there is also a jillknits - not me)

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Guinifer said...

I had to walk by five free marmalade kitties at the Cranberry Festival on Friday. So hard. I love your views!