Monday, October 8, 2007

Finally some knitting pictures!

I finally got a few picture taken to prove I've been doing some knitting. When I can't get in the knitting mood I frequently knit washrags. It's a good way to knit without having to think. Plus - you end up with some presents at the same time. These rags are made from Sugar 'n Cream. I made the round one, decided it wasn't quite big enough so picked up stitches around the edge and added a few rows garter stitch.
The mitered one is started with 4 stitched then every other row I added 2 stitched in the middle. By doing the miter from the small end out you get to use all your yarn. I just knit until I almost ran out of yarn and cast off.

Next, the Tofutsie socks. The pattern we got for sock of the month had 4 mini cable and blank areas in between. I thought that would make my ankles look even bigger so I decided on my own design. k2p2 rib sort of. every other row is all knit to create a garter st/rib. Then to change it up a little more every 10th and 14th row I did a- knit both knit stitches then knit into the back of the first st to give it a little broken look. It didn't give me as much of a difference as I hoped for but it's ok.

Finally there's the thing that has made the house smell like wet sheep all weekend. It's finally dry and just need some buttons. I'm really bad about buttons!

This is from one of the Knitter's magazines books. Being the organized person I am I misplaced the book so can't give you the pattern name right now. I photocopied the pattern so I would write notes on it and put the book somewhere. But - here's the details I do remember. It's one of Elsebeth Lavold's patterns and I'm 90% sure it came from the Knitter's magazine Jacket book. (maybe the Arans & Celtics book). I'll hunt it up and let you know.

Other details - It's Cascade 220 yarn. I actually knit it last year and finally finished it before I moved last winter. It got put away unblocked. Then summer came and it was too warm to think about this sweater. But, with fall approaching I decided I had to get this puppy out and finish it.
Pretty cables, huh!

I like the simple lines with texture. It's longer and flairs out to hang nice around my ample hips. It's going to be one of my "business" garments. Comfy but professional looking.


Debra said...

Lavold has really lovely, feminine designs. Nice work! It'll be a wonderful sweater to wear this winter.

Lorraine said...

I am ultra impressed with the Aran jacket! So complicated looking!

Guinifer said...

The sweater is really gorgeous - is the color pretty true on-screen?

Oh, and hey! I never said I didn't have stash!!! I just like to envy other people's stash's!

Anonymous said...

The sweater is truly beautiful and you have a reason to be proud. I am in such envy of your expertise. I am trying to learn and I have so much to figure out yet. But it doesn't stop me from admiring beautiful work.
Thanks for sharing it.

renee said...

Hey, I knit that sweater! It's called Swedish Thora. I knit it from the pattern that was in Knitter's Magazine, but it's been re-published in Aran's & Celtics. It's one of my favorite sweaters that I've knit. I agree with you that it's comfy by professional looking.

Nice Tofutsies socks! What did you think about the finished project? I'm just worried about making socks out of such a thin yarn.